Today, ADP announces the expansion of its chat-based mobile payroll solution, Roll by ADP, to the Irish market.

The innovative payroll and HR app serves as an intuitive advisor for small business owners, offering payroll insights and support tailored specifically for Ireland.

Roll by ADP is fast, affordable and flexible. Thanks to its natural, conversational experience, there’s no training needed. Businesses can get set up on the app in minutes and run payroll anytime, anywhere in under 60 seconds. Roll allows small businesses to pay employees easily and quickly, whether they’re full or part-time, permanent, temps or casual staff. The app provides on-the-go HR and payroll support, offering a direct integration with Revenue and ensuring payroll taxes are calculated and reported correctly.

The launch marks Roll’s first venture beyond the United States, where it’s already established as a trusted solution helping small businesses streamline their payroll processes and enhancing business efficiency. Roll by ADP is designed for small businesses and backed by the leaders in payroll.

Roll is effortless to use, with capabilities such as:

  • Intelligent Assistant – Small business owners in Ireland can now seek guidance on managing and expanding their business through a chat-based, intuitive conversation on their mobile device. They can directly ask Roll for help writing job descriptions, conducting interviews, paying their employees’ taxes to Revenue, and more.
  • Swift set-up and hassle-free HR and payroll support – The app guides busy entrepreneurs in Ireland through the do-it-yourself set-up, cutting out time-consuming tasks through chat-based interactions on their device.
  • Security and privacy – All Roll Ireland data is safeguarded in a secure cloud environment and hosted in the European Union. Roll uses the latest in-app security protocols and benefits from the ongoing oversight of ADP experts to protect the employee data of Irish small businesses.

Roberto Masiero, SVP of Product Development and Innovation at ADP, and founder of Roll, emphasised, “We built Roll with the goal of giving small business owners a tool that would make their lives easier. To reduce the time they have to spend on payroll, so that they can focus on growing their business. Roll acts like an intuitive assistant, reminding them of important tasks and providing valuable guidance in a safe and secure way.”

Roll™ by ADP® is now available to small businesses across Ireland. To learn more:





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