Live Online Courses – remote learning led by experts

Expert led live seminars. Share your learning experience with a small group of similar professionals. The convenience of online, the conviviality of a live seminar.

What We Offer

Online learning is convenient and live events can be fun – so we are endeavouring to combine the two with these courses.  Here are some of the things about our training events that make them special…

High impact live online learning

One inspirational event at a time, we engage our learners with compelling, ‘pacey’ sessions focused on business and specified performance improvement outcomes. We share valuable insights to deliver early value and gain buy-in, building momentum, enthusiasm and commitment, followed by the ‘how to’s’.

Maximising the ‘stretch zone’

Your stretch zone is where your best learning and development happens. In a supportive and engaging virtual classroom learning environment, we carefully move our learners out of their comfort zone so you can stretch yourself and start to grow, for real skill development.

Practical learning for busy people

If you want endless theory and babble, we are not for you! Though we understand it, we do not bore our learners with it. We use this knowledge to deliver short valuable insights, clear hints and tips, simple useful tools, practical application activities and provide helpful learning support assets.

Interactive and hands-on experience

You will be immersed in our workshops. We encourage interactivity right from the start with a range of practical activities to make sure learning is memorable and retained. You will engage in conversation and debate, Chat and Share, participate in polls or interactive question-answer activities, you will collaborate and practice.

Real challenges, real change

The fastest learning takes place when we can immediately apply new knowledge and skills to real problems, challenges, opportunities or goals. Our focused workshops integrate understanding and practice into the real world through work led examples and scenarios throughout.

Collaborative Learning

We are firm believers in the power of social learning, across one organisation or many. We foster a collaborative environment from the get-go so that you and your fellow learners can share, explore, analyse, debate, problem solve, innovate and generate solid solutions. 

Empowered Learners

We know you just want to do a great job. That’s why we are committed to empowering our community of learners through heightened self-awareness, informative learning, practical help and easy to implement tools and techniques, so that you can see real results in a short space of time.

A Team of Experts

Our delivery team is made up of some of the best facilitators in the UK. With over 10 years of managing and onboarding experts, we have collected the best of the best which includes the most dynamic, knowledgeable, experienced and transformational experts to deliver our learning.

What People Are Saying

A number of elements were useful, but the “1-2-4-All” brainstorming structure is something I will implement. Richard demonstrated this can be a rapid process and of course promote inclusivity. Oh, and Jamboards! I will be using these for a European workshop I am running in January!!


For a 3 hour session the content was spot on. The remote working adds an efficiency – no opportunity for side conversations etc. the content was spot with a good balance of theory and interactivity

Good to be challenged in this way. Pleasure to embrace diversity effectively. Confirmation of a personal need to develop methods for more effective communication. I welcomed the chance to work with some different people in a creative way

 A well structured and interactive review of the topic led by the facilitator with their
expert knowledge. The small group meant there was more scope to contribute and engage

I really liked the interactive nature of the session -The facilitator was very good


I think that the overall approach is great – we need to prioritize our learning so for me the frequency and also the form of half-day sessions work very well. 


Thank you once again for an amazing workshop today.  Sometimes we use amazing too lightly, but not today!  In the 2 years I have been in role, I have never seen the SLT working so well as a team and that was in a very large part down to how you developed the content and then facilitated the workshop.  I believe that positive and lasting change will now occur that will enable us to both successfully close-out the year and then realise our vision.

Head of Talent for a Global Organisation

Our Learning Partners

Learning Solutions Matter

Working together for over a decade, the LSM team has been responsible for countless blended bespoke behavioural change programmes across public, private and third sectors.

Adding to over 50 years combined experience, each director holds an L&D Practitioner Diploma, as well as a host of accreditations and qualifications in L&D, Coaching, Psychometric Profiling and Evaluation.