While broadly welcoming the chancellor’s recent announcement of an increase in training funding, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has called for a greater emphasis on health and safety.

During his Budget speech, Alistair Darling revealed that the government is to spend an additional £60 million over three years in order to help improve the skill levels of UK workers.

Commenting on the move, Richard Jones, policy and technical director at IOSH, stated that the organisation is "pleased".

However, he added: "We would emphasise the need for vocational training and apprenticeships to also cover the essential health and safety elements, to help inform future decision-makers and to up-skill and protect tomorrow’s workforce."

Last week, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation praised Mr Darling’s announcement regarding extra skills funding, saying the organisation was "delighted" that more resources will be allocated to the enhancement of skills in the UK.