In a new study, Enboarder®, a human connection platform, has uncovered a pressing concern for organisations as they face the potential departure of their workforce’s vital segment: 26-41 year olds. The Future of Connection at Work, conducted across the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, paints a concerning picture of employee retention within this age group.

A Ticking Time Bomb: The 26-41 Year Old Exodus

Among the 900 full-time employees surveyed, a significant 61 percent of U.K. participants fell into the 26-41 age category. Alarmingly, the data suggests that a considerable portion of this crucial workforce segment is considering an exit from their current roles within the next two years. Without urgent action, organisations risk losing valuable talent and experiencing a detrimental impact on productivity and success.

The Role of HR Programs in Retention

The findings indicate that the key to retaining this group lies in strengthening Human Resources (HR) programmes, particularly those that foster employee engagement and connection. As 35 percent of U.K. respondents expressed their intention to stay with their employers for 5+ years, it becomes evident that a well-designed and tailored HR strategy could significantly influence employee retention. See attached image for key statistics of engagement programmes.

A Stark Contrast: U.K. vs. U.S. and Australia

Comparing the U.K. to its international counterparts, the survey results indicate a considerable discrepancy in sentiment and satisfaction. While the U.K. workforce displayed a more moderate outlook on employee engagement, the U.S. and Australia demonstrated more pronounced feelings, either positively or negatively. This stark contrast highlights the need for the U.K. organisations to enhance their HR programmes to meet the expectations of their employees effectively.

The Call for Action

As employee retention becomes an increasingly critical challenge for businesses, Enboarder® urges organisations to take immediate action. By implementing comprehensive and effective HR programmes that focus on building strong relationships, increasing knowledge and skills, and fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment, companies can bolster their efforts to retain their talented 26-41-year-old workforce.

“Many companies lack connection and don’t have a clear strategy for how to build it in their workforce,” said Brent Pearson, founder and CEO at Enboarder. “This report outlines not only the desire for more authentic relationships and connection at work, but also the business imperative for human connection. The demographics of the working population are shifting and so are employee expectations. A culture of connection and belonging is the key to driving retention, engagement, productivity, and ultimately, a sustainability business strategy.”

To access the complete survey report and gain insights on how to build robust HR programmes, download the full report.






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