Last night’s General Election has seen a harrowing night for Labour and the Liberal Democrats, with the Conservative Party set to win a majority in Westminster and the Scottish National Party (SNP) sweeping most of the seats in Scotland.

After the polls closed across the country at 10pm last night, exit polling forecast the Conservatives would be the largest party but would be some ten seats short of a majority of 326 seats. However, with just a few seats still to be declared, the Conservatives now look set to win 329 seats and have already secured 321, meaning that David Cameron will once again be Prime Minister.

In Scotland, the SNP have had a remarkable night, winning 56 of the nation’s 59 seats, including the defeat of Labour campaign chief Douglas Alexander by 20-year-old university student Mhaire Black.

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The webinar will be produced in partnership with HRreview, My Family Care, Hogan Lovells and Symposium.

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