The Clintons - Sometimes its better when families stick together

The Clintons – Sometimes its better when families stick together

This week we are talking Global Mobility, that’s when companies ship employees off to do their bidding in foreign climbs. For some it can do wonders for careers and confidence and for others it can be a nightmare beyond imagining.

There is much debate over whether single people moving abroad on their own are more likely to stick out their foreign assignment, than a person who moves their family with them when they quit the UK. This week we want to know if faced with sending a person who is single or person with a family abroad, which one you would choose. Would you go for the cheaper single person route, or the potentially more expensive, but likely more fruitful and reliable family route?

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It used to be traditional to, at the very least, receive an acknowledgment of a failed job interview, a letter or an email. But this appears to be becoming a thing of the past. This week a new study revealed that young women are far less likely than young men to receive feedback after a job interview. The survey of 4,000 18-24 year olds found that young women are at a stark disadvantage in recruitment practices. While 82 percent of young men receive feedback after applying, just under a third (30 percent) of young women are losing out on this vital constructive guidance.

Many argue that for young people applying for a job for the first time, constructive feedback can help them learn from their experiences, improve their applications and access future employment. So this week we want to know, does your HR department offer constructive feedback to failed job candidates?

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