The interview process is always an intense process

The interview process is always an intense process

It used to be traditional to, at the very least, receive an acknowledgment of a failed job interview, a letter or an email. But this appears to be becoming a thing of the past. This week a new study revealed that young women are far less likely than young men to receive feedback after a job interview. The survey of 4,000 18-24 year olds found that young women are at a stark disadvantage in recruitment practices. While 82 percent of young men receive feedback after applying, just under a third (30 percent) of young women are losing out on this vital constructive guidance.

Many argue that for young people applying for a job for the first time, constructive feedback can help them learn from their experiences, improve their applications and access future employment. So this week we want to know, does your HR department offer constructive feedback to failed job candidates?

Does your HR department give feedback to failed interview candidates?

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The health and safety officer in a business in years gone by had, in some instances in the past, been approached with an arched eyebrow and a heavy sigh. Those days have, thankfully, gone and a revolution has taken place in the way that health and safety is viewed within an organisation. In many businesses health and safety was viewed as a blocker to change and progress, a barrier to be overcome before a new policy could be enacted.

Today, this opinion has, in many cases, ebbed away and has been replaced by a feeling that health and safety has to work hand in glove with the rest of an organisation to ensure that progress and change is enacted with the safety of all aspects of the workforce in mind. This week, as we mark the release of our health and safety special issue, we want to know if this change has carried over to your organisation.

Has there been a change in attitude to health and safety in the last five years?

  • Yes, it is now an enabler to doing better work (74%, 14 Votes)
  • No, it is blocking progress within organisations (26%, 5 Votes)

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