Skills-Based Organisations and the Future of Talent Acquisition

Free live webinar 18th May @11am

As we navigate the global talent shortage, it’s become clear that organisations need to think differently about talent. By prioritising skills over traditional job roles, organisations can reap huge benefits – from increased retention of high performers to improved DEI outcomes and greater productivity.

But this is a significant change for organisations and particularly for Talent Acquisition teams, and practice has some way to go to keep up with the rhetoric.

Join us in this upcoming webinar to explore:

– The case for change for becoming a skills-based organisation
– What a strategic skills-based TA operating model means for the future of TA
– How TA can enable and drive skills-based approaches in their organisation

Join our Expert Panel of Speakers

James Marsh

Hosted by: James Marsh

James is an organisational learning and development specialist and has worked as an HR manager, consultant, in-house recruiter and trainer with expertise in both management strategy and HR policies and processes. A former editor of HRreview, James then spent seven years at specialist retailer Planet Organic as the architect of their learning strategy and apprenticeship programmes before moving to Guardian News Media in June 2022. He has continued to work closely with HRreview as a podcast presenter and the regular chairperson of their award winning webinar series, InsideHR.

Kate Beach, Global Head of Strategy Consulting, AMS

Guest Expert: Kate Beach, Global Head of Strategy Consulting, AMS

Kate is a highly experienced client facing, Director level professional, with extensive experience in Contingent & Permanent Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Business Development and Consulting.

With over 20 years experience in contingent labour & permanent staffing across a range of disciplines including niche, professional, IT and volume hiring, across a range of industries including Investment & Retail Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco and Retail.

And an experienced leader with extensive experience managing large teams and driving performance within complex organisational structures and across vast geographies.

Lewis Cohen, MD of Service Development, AMS

Guest Expert: Lewis Cohen, MD of Service Development, AMS

Managing Director of Service Development, leading the creation of new Talent Solutions and the evolution of existing propositions as an integral part of AMS’ global Digital, Technology & Transformation function. Leveraging meaningful innovation for our clients, partners and colleagues to succeed in the face of new (and old…) talent challenges.

25+ years experience in the Talent Solutions industry, comprising In-house Recruitment Management, RPO Service Delivery and Management, Implementation, Consulting & Project Management and Solution Design. Working across a diverse range of industry sectors including IT/Telco, Pharma and Financial Services.



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