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Tag: Swine Flu

CIPD: Half of workforce could be off sick

Up to half of the UK’s workforce could be absent if a second wave of the swine flu pandemic hits the country, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) has warned, which could leave businesses facing absence...

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Immunising the business against Swine Flu sickies

A swine flu epidemic could cost the UK economy £50 billion, mostly in lost revenue and sick pay, according to a recent survey by the Ernst & Young ITEM Club. Kate Redshaw from Burges Salmon LLP explains how best to deal with this epidemic.

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Swine flu sufferers ‘refusing to go home’

Britons with swine flu who work in contract jobs or on commission may be refusing to take time off if they have swine flu, it has been suggested, which may cause a headache for HR departments in charge of ensuring they maintain...

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Could sick note be replaced by well note?

Sickness among employees in the workplace may escalate if plans to replace the traditional ‘sick note’ with a well note’ are given the go-ahead, it has been suggested. Thompsons Solicitors claims that the...

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‘Two-thirds of firms’ affected by swine flu

Two-thirds of businesses in the UK have already felt the impact of swine flu on their operations, which may mean firms need to do more to ensure a healthy workforce. Research conducted by the law firm Eversheds has revealed that...

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Swine flu ‘having little impact on businesses’

The ongoing swine flu pandemic is having little impact on the operations of UK businesses, new research has revealed, in news which may be welcomed by HR and management staff looking to ensure health at work.According to the...

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Bosses seek advice over swine flu skivers

Health guidelines being offered in the UK have led many employers to voice their concerns that there could be a growth in the number of people using the advice in order to skive off work.Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS)...

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Could remote working ensure a healthy workforce?

The ongoing swine flu pandemic should have alerted businesses to the importance of having remote working technology in place to allow employees to stay at home, therefore better ensuring a healthy workforce, one sector...

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Swine Flu: Top Tips for Employers

With the likely increase in staff absences as a result of the spread of swine flu employers need to be prepared. Rebecca Lake from Davenport Lyons gives some top tips for dealing with swine flu in the workplace.

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Home working ‘should be encouraged’

Absence management strategies should include allowing staff to work from home in order to halt the spread of swine flu, it has been suggested. The average absence rate for most firms will stand at 12 per cent, according to the...

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Swine flu employees ‘told to stay at home’

An Orange call centre in Plymouth has taken steps to maintain a healthy workforce after some employees have been confirmed as having swine flu, it has been reported.Nine members of staff have been told to stay at home, a...

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Welsh Assembly announces occupational health scheme

The Welsh Assembly has this week unveiled its plans to ensure a healthy workforce in the country in order to overcome the high costs of employee absenteeism by introducing a national occupational health scheme.It is claimed that...

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Businesses ‘not ready for a pandemic’

Over a third of UK businesses have no response plans in place to help them continue to operate in the event of a pandemic, which may include absence management plans.Attendees at a meeting at Whitehall heard how 38 per cent of...

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What to do about the swine flu

With 800 cases for the World Health Organisation to deal with, 19 cases in Britain and the three latest new cases of the dreaded influenza strain A (H1N1) being confirmed in London, we wondered how real the threat was and what...

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