People are working with swine fluBritons with swine flu who work in contract jobs or on commission may be refusing to take time off if they have swine flu, it has been suggested, which may cause a headache for HR departments in charge of ensuring they maintain a healthy workforce.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies has warned that as more people continue to work despite being ill, conflict could arise between permanent and temporary workers.

Indeed, following a poll of its members, the group claims that the problem could grow once the annual flu season begins later in the year.

It is believed that people feel they are unable to take time off work due to the ongoing recession.

The news comes after law firm Eversheds revealed that 72 per cent of employers have reported swine flu absenteeism.

Martin Warren, head of employment law at Eversheds, said: “All organisations should have a contingency plan in place which addresses the risk of swine flu.”