PageGroup, the specialist recruitment company, has launched Pride@Page to support its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees.

Leading the UK launch is Sheri Hughes, Associate Director at PageGroup, who said Pride@Page has one main objective; to create a more diverse and inclusive working environment where LGBT employees can feel comfortable and open about their sexual orientation.

Hughes said:

“The best companies are ones which are truly diverse and PageGroup has already established an impressive foundation. Pride@Page will build upon this by promoting a positive, open and inclusive working culture for our LGBT employees and allies.

“All employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, should feel confident in the workplace and Pride@Page is designed to ensure this becomes a reality.”

Pride@Page was inspired by the global success of Women@Page, which was launched in 2012 to improve the imbalance between men and women at all levels in the business.

As part of Pride@Page, the business has engaged with Stonewall who are committed to improving equality and justice for the LGBT community. This also includes appearing in the Stonewall ‘Starting Out Guide’: Britain’s definitive LGBT recruitment guide and taking part in the Workplace Equality Index (WEI) for the first time.

Hughes said:

“We’ve made a terrific start as Stonewall’s only recruitment Global Diversity Champion and we are extremely proud to be a pioneer in the recruitment industry.”

Last month, PageGroup also held focus groups for all LGBT employees and allies to help generate practical ideas for Pride@Page and appointed their Legal & Contracts Director, Jorge Roche, as its Senior Champion to take a leadership role in the company’s LGBT agenda.

Hughes added:

“While still in the early stages, we have developed tangible objectives to effect positive change in our LGBT community, including various support, mentoring and communication models. We have great expectations for Pride@Page to benefit both our people and our commercial capabilities.”





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