Job site Monster has called on the recruitment industry to get more women into technology roles.

Following on from their Girls in Coding event held in London last week, the recruitment platform is hoping to gather the industry to forge a Tech Talent charter to open up more opportunities for females in the future of coding and technology.

Sinead Bunting, Marketing Director UK and Ireland, commented:

“Last week’s event was really successful with its primary aim being to raise awareness of the issue within the HR and recruitment industry. However we see this as being the first step towards making a real and meaningful difference in this important area.

“We are keen to enter discussion with others in the HR and recruitment industry to make sure we, as a sector, are doing all we can to ensure women are represented in this area for job growth in the future – working together as an industry is the best way of making a genuine difference. Together we can work towards getting more girls into coding, encourage women into technology roles, and in the process ensure that the tech that is meant for everyone is built by everyone. This is also a key way to close the digital skills gap we are currently experiencing in the UK”.

Monster’s Girls in Coding event, the launch even in their Girls in Coding campaign, brought together industry experts to discuss what can be done to encourage women to take up these roles and help them progress in a male-dominated industry.

The discussions were split into three panel sessions: tackling the issues of getting young girls into coding; upskilling graduates and current professionals; and the challenges of finding tech talent today – with schools, parents, role models, industry, recruiters and society as a whole having an important part to play.

To further promote the campaign, Monster has confirmed that they are the official recruitment partner of the Festival of Code run by Young Rewired State on 27th July – 2nd August 2015. Monster are also partnering with Code First: Girls to run a series of three workshops this summer on how to recruit female tech talent.





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