General Election 2015David Cameron is targeting working parents in his election campaign, promising 30 hours of free childcare per week for three and four-year-olds in his manifesto launch speech today.

As well as doubling the free childcare for parents in employment, which they claim is equivalent to £5,000 a year, the Conservatives pledge support to struggling workers by removing tax from childcare and the National Minimum Wage.

At the launch of the Conservative manifesto, the former prime minister said:

“We are the party of working people, offering you security at every stage of your life… It shouldn’t be a permanent struggle with the bills. That’s why our second commitment to working people is on childcare. For families with young children, this is not one issue among many – it is the issue.”

Cameron says that the funding to fulfil these promises will be paid for by “the changes we have made to curb pension relief for the highest earners.”

At the manifesto launch Robert Peston, economics editor at the BBC, tweeted:

However, this tactic to address the perception problems of elitism the Tories face may not have done much to convince the public. Under the hashtag #ConservativeManifesto, responses on Twitter have been largely negative:

Although the offical polls have Labour pulling ahead, the results of HRreview’s poll to determine which party offers the best policies for a better workplace show the Conservatives currently have the lead.

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