Deloitte, a global leader in accounting and consulting, is set to deploy its generative artificial intelligence chatbot, known as “PairD,” to approximately 75,000 employees spanning Europe and the Middle East.

The move comes as part of the firm’s efforts to leverage AI technology in enhancing productivity and automating various tasks.

The internal tool, initially launched in the UK last October, is designed to assist employees in creating PowerPoint presentations, writing emails, coding, and undertaking other work-related activities.

However, in a clear acknowledgement of the technology’s evolving nature, staff members have been advised that the chatbot may generate inaccurate information regarding people, places, and facts.

Training is required to use the AI

Users are instructed to conduct their own due diligence and quality assurance to validate the accuracy and completeness of the chatbot’s output before incorporating it into their work processes. Deloitte emphasises the importance of training, requiring employees to complete a module before gaining access to the PairD tool.

Unlike some of its competitors who have collaborated with external AI developers, Deloitte’s chatbot has been developed internally by the firm’s AI institute, showcasing its commitment to exploring and integrating AI capabilities on its own terms.

The adoption of PairD aligns with a broader trend within the professional services industry, where generative AI is increasingly employed to automate tasks and streamline operations. PwC, one of Deloitte’s Big Four rivals, has implemented AI chatbots in its legal and tax divisions, while law firm Allen & Overy has introduced an AI contract negotiation tool.

What can PairD do?

PairD is versatile, capable of assisting employees in answering emails, drafting written content, writing code for task automation, creating presentations, conducting research, and generating meeting agendas.

Deloitte’s foray into AI technology comes at a time when professional services firms are strategically seeking to reduce costs amid a slowdown in demand for their services. The broader economic challenges have led major players like Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC to announce redundancy programs in recent months.

Costi Perricos, generative AI leader at Deloitte, views the rollout of PairD as an integral part of the firm’s long-term AI investment plans, aimed at exploring the technology’s potential benefits for the company, its clients, and society at large. Perricos emphasised the need for employers to focus on the safe and effective use of such tools to maximise their value.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Deloitte has announced that UK disability charity Scope will receive free access to PairD. The move underscores the firm’s dedication to making AI tools accessible for a wider societal impact.






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