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In this episode of the HR in Review podcast, Bill Banham talks with Naysan Firoozmand, Global Head of Coaching at Hult EF Corporate Education and speaker at DisruptHR London 18.0 happening September 25.

Guest: Naysan Firoozmand

Naysan has 20+ years of experience of working with senior leaders across a wide range of public and private sectors. He says he is inspired and intrigued by human behavior and the influencing factors around why people do things the way they do them within their specific context.

As Vice President and Global Head of Coaching at Hult EF, Naysan and his team support the implementation of individual and team-based coaching to clients all over the world. He works with leaders in a very practical way, using his background in coaching, facilitation, assessment and psychology to allow people he works with to try new techniques and gain in personal confidence to do things with greater skill. ​

Questions for Naysan include:

  • The mission of Hult EF Corporate Education is to create change-makers by transforming the way they communicate, perform, and lead. Tell us more.
  • In a LinkedIn post from early 2023, you write: “Building resilience among senior executives is a global imperative. Countless think pieces talk about how it’s a key characteristic and predictor of success for high-performing leaders. It’s also one of the most common reasons people seek coaching, as people look for support in building their stress tolerance. But is there a point at which resilience can become toxic? I explore this in a new article for HR magazine.” Tell us more about how resilience can become toxic. 
  • In a post on the Hult EF blog, you discuss suggest there’s a lack of clarity as to what makes for exceptional coaching. You go on to offer some key metrics to ensure one chooses a coach or coaching team that will make a genuine difference to their performance. Can you share some of these measures with us? 
  • You’re speaking at DisruptHR London on Sept 25. Your session is called ‘Unleash Your Talent Through Coaching’. Tell us about the talk and what attendees can expect to learn.

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Podcast Host and Guests for this Edition

Bill Banham

Host: Bill Banham

Bill Banham is Editor at HR Gazette, Host of the popular HRchat Podcast, Associate Editorial Director with HRreview, and co-organizer of such HR, Talent, and leadership-focused events as InnovateWork, Hacking HR Toronto, and DisruptHR London. Bill has interviewed inspiring leaders across the globe from such brands as NASA, the US Government, Simon Sinek, UPS, ADP, SAP, Salesforce, and the United Nations. Bill has 15+ years of experience in editorial, events management, marketing, SEO, advertising, business development, data management, research, and professional development.

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Naysan Firoozmand, Global Head of Coaching at Hult EF Corporate Education

Guest: Naysan Firoozmand

Naysan is a Chartered Business Psychologist and has coached clients around the world to support them to develop greater capabilities in leadership, management and organizational change. He utilizes his knowledge and experience of different sectors, including finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, energy and technology, to highlight the similarities and differences between contexts that leaders find themselves in.

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