Top Trends in Talent Acquisition for 2023

Free live webinar 10th November @2pm

The Great Reshuffle continues to create a competitive hiring market that is expected to carry on into 2023 with 65% of employees on the hunt for new opportunities. Technology is crucial in a competitive hiring landscape, but recruiters also have a secret weapon: the human touch.

In this webinar, we’ll cover our top tips to help you blend technology and the human touch to transform your talent strategy with an approach that stands out from the competition for 2023 and beyond.

You will learn about:
Core hiring trends and metrics to watch out for ahead of 2023
How technology and human touch combined can help create dynamic candidate pipelines and keep the momentum going
Core trends to nurture candidate relationships from the beginning and expand your company story

Join our Expert Panel of Speakers

James Marsh

Hosted by: James Marsh

A former HR manager, consultant and editor of HRreview, James now leads learning and development for ethical food retailer Planet Organic, including introducing and heading their apprenticeship programmes. For the last year, he has also been responsible for the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, in which apprenticeships are already playing an important role.
Winnie Frimpong - Culture Amp

Guest Expert: Sarah Callery, Director of Strategy and Solutions, iCIMS

Strategic software sales leader with a proven track record of over-performance. Winner Best Software Account Director influential businesswoman awards 2021. WISA Finalist Best Software Sales 2021. Smartian of the Year 2021. MVP Superstar 2020. Acknowledged as Top Ten Businesswoman to watch 2022 and Software Solutions Account Director of the Year (UK)
Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood

Guest Expert: Hung Lee, Director and lead content curator, Recruiting Brainfood

Hung has been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer, founder of the award-winning online recruiting platform, and now Editor and Community builder at Recruiting Brainfood – one of the most popular weekly newsletter in recruitment in the UK and Europe.



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