The Cost of Living: what works best to help employees? - 13/10/22

Free live webinar 13th October @11am

At a time of sustained financial pressure on employees and their families, what are the best employers doing?
How do cost of living supports address employee wellbeing in practical ways? Do these approaches also attract and retain talent?

Together with expert input and insights from leading employers, we’ll explore options from the more obvious such as higher salaries to the more creative such as supporting family life.

Join this lively, virtual conversation, as we discuss:

• Should salaries simply rise or does that do more harm by fuelling inflation?
• What are the other innovative options for employers?
• How does helping with family life play a role?

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Join our Expert Panel of Speakers

James Marsh

Hosted by: James Marsh

A former HR manager, consultant and editor of HRreview, James now leads learning and development for ethical food retailer Planet Organic, including introducing and heading their apprenticeship programmes. For the last year, he has also been responsible for the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, in which apprenticeships are already playing an important role.
Winnie Frimpong - Culture Amp

Guest Expert: Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Highly credible voice on Employee Engagement, Corporate Affairs, Leadership, Inclusion. Special expertise in work-life integration, transition and change, employee life stages, working parents & carers as part of diversity and talent retention.
Winnie Frimpong - Culture Amp

Guest Expert: Janine Leightley - Director of Human Resources, Bright Horizons

Janine is our Bright Horizons HR Director.

Having previously held a number of board level positions in the retail industry, including with Arcadia, BHS and T.M.Lewin, Janine joined the organisation in January 2021.

She has also delivered business transformation and growth as an executive consultant.

Janine has a well-established background in operations and HR management and a successful record of leadership focussing on determining and delivering organisational change. An advocate of strong core principles and shared values, her expertise centres on building the relationships between corporate culture, the employee experience and performance.

Winnie Frimpong - Culture Amp

Guest Expert: Alastair Woods, Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers' People & Organisation practice & Reward Capability Leader for EMEA

Talks about performance, talent management, reward recognition, and workforce transformation. As a Partner in PwC’s People & Organisation consulting practice, he leads a team helping organisations with workforce transformation as we all prepare for future organisational and workforce needs. He is fascinated by how the skills, shape and structure of companies will change – and how the people experience needs to step up to meet that challenge.
Winnie Frimpong - Culture Amp

Guest Expert: Sarah Jackson OBE - Visiting Professor at Cranfield School of Management and Flexible Working expert

She supports companies by sharing her expertise in flexible working, gender diversity and inclusion, the gender pay gap, fathers at work and family friendly working in different ways.

She does it by delivering compelling talks and lectures, chairing and facilitating events, conducting research, providing expert commentary, often to the media and devising and delivering workshops & focus groups andn training.



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