Newly released research, from Bright Horizons, reveals what parental leave returners value most and what they expect from employers. It also provides a league table of policies and benefits across sectors. With family life and the work-life equation higher up the organisational agenda, employers are competing more than ever to engage and retain new parents.

Hear from leading employer Société Générale about their parental leave programme which equips individuals and their line managers for a smooth transition before, during and on return for parental leave.

And find out what happens when it all goes badly wrong. Hear directly from Estate Agent, Alice Thompson whose recent tribunal case hit the headlines with urgent lessons about responding to flexible working requests from new parents. In this lively discussion for National Work-Life Week, leading experts will address the elements of best practice for parental leave takers and debate the following

– Where do you start in deciding on your organisation’s specific needs and how do you measure impact?

– What role do managers and leaders play in creating a culture and walking the talk around empowering working parents?

– Benchmark your provision against Parental Leave Policy trends across different sectors

Register for free before 11am on 14th October to listen live!


Presented by

  • James Marsh, HR Manager at Planet Organic and former Editor of HRreview
  • Laura Moynihan, Senior HR Business Partner, Société Générale
  • Iole Matthews, Head of Coaching and Consutancy, Bright Horizons
  • Alice Thompson, Estate Agent, who was awarded £185,000 for indirect sex discriminiation
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