Multigenerational Wellbeing: the Role of Family Benefits

Free live webinar 18th April @11am

Across all the changes of the last 5 years, Wellbeing has stayed firmly on the agenda for leading employers. It’s seen as a vital focus for talent retention, attraction and employee experience among the most competitive employers. Now with five (or more) generations in the workplace and a dizzying array of wellbeing benefits available, how do you achieve a coherent strategy?

Andrei Ursu of Bloomberg and Benedict Gautrey of Great Places to work will discuss how paying attention to family support gives a clear backbone to a wellbeing policy across life stages. This requires a wide definition of family (including children of all ages, elder relatives, partners, family-forming, pets to name a few, among a diverse range of family structures and partnerships).

Jennifer Liston-Smith of Bright Horizons will delve deeper into their 2024 Modern Families Index to explore – among other things – the intersectional needs of the sandwich generation with children and elder dependants and the need for smart thinking in addressing family support.

Join this lively conversation, with our panel of leading thinkers, as we discuss:

  • Practical and strategic actions being taken by leading employers across life stages.
  • How to achieve high engagement through innovative strategies for inclusion at the point of need.
  • The role of networks and champions in communicating and shaping wellbeing benefits

Join our Expert Panel of Speakers

James Marsh

Hosted by: James Marsh

James is an organisational learning and development specialist and has worked as an HR manager, consultant, in-house recruiter and trainer with expertise in both management strategy and HR policies and processes. A former editor of HRreview, James then spent seven years at specialist retailer Planet Organic as the architect of their learning strategy and apprenticeship programmes before moving to Guardian News Media in June 2022. He has continued to work closely with HRreview as a podcast presenter and the regular chairperson of their award winning webinar series, InsideHR.
Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons

Guest Expert: Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons

For over 20 years, Jennifer has been relentless in pursuit of innovation, identifying, defining and sharing best practice and ‘next practice’ for leading global employers in flexible working, family-friendly and wellbeing programmes, closing the gender pay gap and promoting gender-inclusive parenting. She is a sought-after speaker, writer, conference moderator and consultant on these topics and more.

Jennifer set-up, and for a decade led, the Coaching & Consultancy side of what became Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions advising employers in banking, professional services, STEM and wider sectors on programmes for working parents and carers and evaluating their impact and ROI, as well as developing coaches and coaching capability.

She now focuses on identifying overarching trends through research and through advising employers and translating these insights into solutions and practical actions.

Andrei Ursu, Bloomberg

Guest Expert: Andrei Ursu, Bloomberg

A Business Management graduate with more than 15 years experience in Customer Service and Administration. Has excellent communication skills, proven to be a good speaker and an active listener, diplomatic and discrete, when needed. A good administrator being able to multi-task and work effectively under pressure.

A qualified Premier Global NASM Personal Trainer and a Fitness and Wellbeing Advisor with a strong enthusiasm in working with people and helping them achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Benedict Gautrey, MD, Great Places to work

Guest Expert: Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director, Great Places to work

Great Place to Work® UK is a consultancy specialising in workplace culture, helping organisations to create exceptional, high performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued. We help employers improve profits, productivity, retention and recruitment by putting employees at the heart of the organisation, analysing what they think and feel and identifying the real issues that need to be addressed.



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