InsideHRReview-logoChanges to retirement age, healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine means we are all living and working for longer. Many employees welcome the opportunity to work and contribute beyond the traditional age of retirement.

However this does present some challenges to employers. Health policies, flexible working and evolving job roles must be taken into consideration when preparing for the long term future of your employees.

The fourth webinar in the current series of HRreview’s InsideHR focuses on the UK’s ageing workforce and how this trend will impact on HR and management in organisations large and small across the country.

On Thursday 18th June, the series’ regular chair, Symposium’s James Marsh, will be joined by another expert panel including Jennifer Liston-Smith (My Family Care), Rachel Saunders (BITC) and Joanne Sawyer (Age UK) to debate and discuss what an older workforce will mean for businesses and how they can be best supported to maximise their engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

The webinar, lasting around forty-five minutes, will feature case studies from companies explaining how they are already preparing to meet the evolving challenges of an ageing workforce.

To register for the webinar, entirely free, simply click here.

This InsideHR webinar is brought to you by HRreview in partnership with My Family Care.