Symposium's Mission Critical HR Analytics conference is on July 2 in London.

Symposium’s Mission Critical HR Analytics conference is on July 2 in London.

This year Symposium’s schedule of leading HR conferences includes an event dedicated to analytics for human resources, hosted at the Kensington Close Hotel, London, on July 2. The conference has been named ‘Mission Critical HR Analytics‘.

In today’s business world, and for some time now, HR analytics are critical for all organisations to understand their current and future workforce needs and to identify where and what action needs to be taken. Analytics can be applied to all areas of the business and HR function, including engagement, wellbeing and succession planning.

In order for HR to become more strategic, make strategic decisions and directly influence business performance we need to stop simply using data to report and move forward to predictive analysis. However, with so many solutions and strategies being promoted, it is difficult to make sure you are harvesting the right data, interpreting the right patterns and implementing the right interventions and solutions.

This conference will bring together a range of HR and analytics experts who will share real world experience and the latest development in using HR metrics.

This event will provide you with practical advice on delivering data-driven HR in order to create a leading edge HR function that uses data to predict and plan HR strategy.

Jon Ingham

Speakers include leading consultant and trainer Jon Ingham

Leading one of the morning break-out sessions at the event will be Jon Ingham. Jon is a strategic people management and organizational development consultant. He regularly speaks and provides training in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia and has also lectured on strategic management, change management and human resources on executive MBA courses across Europe. He is the author of Strategic HCM: Creating value through people (2006) and is currently completing a second book called Social advantage.

Before working with Symposium, Jon served as Director of Human Capital Consulting, Europe for Buck Consultants / ACS, as Head of HR Consulting for Penna and as International HR Director for Ernst & Young after working as an IT and change management consultant for Andersen Consulting.

Jon heads a distinguished line-up of senior HR and analytics experts from organisations including Diageo, Thomson Reuters, Tesco, UBS and TalkTalk.






James Marsh is an HR consultant and currently leads the editorial team at HRreview.

An avid HR blogger and tweeter on HR and management issues, James has worked as an HR manager, consultant, in-house recruiter and trainer and has expertise in both management strategy and HR policies and processes. He has a BA from the University of Nottingham in American Studies, a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Westminster and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

James is also the regular chairperson of HRreview's series of webinars that discuss and debate the latest HR trends and issues, InsideHR.