Fertility benefits - a practical guide for HR

Free live webinar 13th June @10am

The UK is experiencing a work engagement crisis, with a recent Gallop study showing that only 10% of employees are engaged at work, compared to 34% in the USA and 33% in India. Also, while 61% expect a fertility benefit, only 17% of UK employers offer one, compared to 39% in the states.

Offering a fertility benefit at work shows you care for your employees and will actively support them during a stressful time in their life. This in turn will have a positive effect on engagement, productivity and retention, whilst also boosting your appeal as an employer of choice for prospective hires.

Attend this session to find out how to:

  • Get executive buy-in for your fertility benefit initiative
  • Add your fertility benefit to your existing health insurance cover
  • Ensure psychological safety for colleagues to talk about fertility at work
  • Work out how much a fertility benefit will cost at your company
  • Make sure your benefit provider offers at-home scans and consultations

We will also hear a short case study on why Nomura choose to offer a fertility benefit, and what it means to their employees.

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Join our Expert Panel of Speakers

James Marsh

Hosted by: James Marsh

James is an organisational learning and development specialist and has worked as an HR manager, consultant, in-house recruiter and trainer with expertise in both management strategy and HR policies and processes. A former editor of HRreview, James then spent seven years at specialist retailer Planet Organic as the architect of their learning strategy and apprenticeship programmes before moving to Guardian News Media in June 2022. He has continued to work closely with HRreview as a podcast presenter and the regular chairperson of their award winning webinar series, InsideHR.
Kirsty McLean Head of Wellbeing at Nomura UK

Guest Expert: Kirsty McLean, Head of Wellbeing at Nomura UK

With over 15 years experience in Health and Wellbeing, Kirsty is passionate about improving the lives of individuals and communities. As the Wellbeing Programme Director at Nomura, she implements and raises awareness and engagement of onsite health and wellbeing support and services for 25,000+ employees.

Kirsty devises and executes the Wellbeing Strategy Globally, oversees all ERGs and Wellbeing Champions within the UK, and oversees the management and governance of the onsite Clinic and Fitness operations. She is a Senior Programme Manager of wellbeing services that support the employee experience, aiding retention, workplace culture and talent acquisition.

Becky Kearns, Co-Founder, Fertility Matters at Work

Guest Expert: Becky Kearns, Co-Founder, Fertility Matters at Work

After working in HR for over 12 years for a number of well-known corporate and public organisations, Becky is now a Fertility Blogger and Patient Advocate as ‘DefiningMum’, having written and spoken about fertility at work as part of BBC Fertility Week 2019. 

She is also the Founder of Paths to Parenthub, a virtual support platform for those needing to use donor conception to build their family. Following a difficult fertility journey, which involved numerous IVF Cycles and miscarriage, Becky is now a Mum to 3 girls thanks to egg donation. She’s passionate about raising awareness and wants to change the support available for those experiencing fertility treatment in the future, particularly in the workplace.

Caroline Allen, Head of Customer Experience, Apricity Fertility

Guest Expert: Caroline Allen, Head of Customer Experience, Apricity Fertility

After working as a midwife for 10 years, Caroline now uses her passion for women’s health to increase the access to fertility services for as many people as possible. As head of Customer experience, Caroline works closely with employers, networks, and patients to drive the message that every person should be entitled to excellent fertility care. 

Working for Apricity, the UK’s first virtual fertility clinic, Caroline describes how making fertility care patient-centric, and not centered around the doctor or the clinics, supports people to continue living their personal and professional lives to the full, reduces stress, and increases success rates.



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