Staff in the UK lack sufficient energy to complete a full working day, it has been suggested.

According to figures produced by Boots, British businesses are losing an average of 151 minutes per employee due to tiredness each day.

Reportedly, the majority of workers do not wake up properly until 09:45 GMT and, after taking an average of a 32 minute lunch break, many then hit an "afternoon slump" which can last for one hour and 14 minutes.

"Our modern day lifestyle often means we can find it tough to stay alert during the nine-to-five and we have become a nation of ‘slumpers’ as a result," stated Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers.

It is hard for staff to maintain their energy levels when faced with the stress of the office and when living off a diet of chocolate bars and crisps, she added.

Recently, the leaders of more than 30 healthcare professional bodies joined forces as part of an agreement that stresses the link between work and health.