The Trades Union Congress has spoken out in praise of the publication of a work, health and well-being report conducted by Dame Carol Black.

Responding to the suggestions made in the document, the congress stated it agrees that more needs to be done to encourage people on long-term benefits back into the labour market.

"In the UK, millions of ill or injured workers are being dumped on benefits when they have treatable medical conditions, but often no access to treatment," stated TUC general secretary Brendan Barber.

He added that the Labour administration needs to come up with practical solutions based on universal occupational health coverage, prevention and early access to rehabilitation.

Mr Barber went on to say that the government must also clamp down on employers who expose their staff to bad conditions, stressful workloads and long-hours.

Recently, Acas launched a new awareness campaign in the south-east of England aimed at showing firms the importance of tackling the problem of worker stress.