An MP has made a plea to reduce the number of young people killed in workplace accidents through the integration of health and safety courses into the National Curriculum.

During a recent event at the House of Commons, which is being supported by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Michael Clapham, MP for Barnsley West and Penistone, tried to show how this can be achieved.

He commented: "That this house welcomes the IOSH seminar … to discuss ways of improving the safety and health of young people at work recognises that safety and health must be taught in schools before students start work experience."

Mr Clapham added that, over the last ten years, 64 young people have lost their lives in "needless workplace accidents", while a further 15,000 have suffered serious injury.

Attendees at the event included safety minister Lord McKenzie of Luton and Terry Rooney, chair of the work and pensions committee.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies recently released findings which suggested that around twice as many people in England and Wales lose their lives as result of workplace accidents as do through murder.