The smoking ban, which came into effect in England on July 1st 2007, has had a positive effect on workplaces, employees have said.

According to a poll conducted by Monster, 62 per cent of staff members claimed that the ban has improved their work environments.

However, it was also discovered that 34 per cent of workers believe that, while the legislation has made their offices nicer, it has also caused time to be wasted as colleagues leave the building for a cigarette break.

Additionally, 13 per cent of respondents said it had made little difference as no one in their organisation smoked before.

"Employees who smoke are also more prone to ill health so it is in every company’s interest to encourage their employees to quit smoking by providing support and raising awareness," the report authors said.

The smoking ban was implemented in Scotland on March 26th 2006 and in Wales on April 2nd 2007.