HSE refutes shift worker claimsThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has reacted to claims night workers are at risk because the organisation’s inspectors only work during the day.

In a study by Stirling University, Professor Andrew Watterson suggested up to 3.5 million shift workers are not visited by HSE – putting their lives at risk.

However, John Osman, the group’s chief medical advisor, said it does perform preventative inspections out-of-hours "where appropriate and necessary".

The representative added that inspections are just one tool used regulate and influence employers – and another "important element" is an assessment of provision for ensuring the health and safety of employees working outside of normal office hours.

"This examination includes a physical inspection of the control measures and consultation with employees and trade unions or safety representatives," he added.

Mr Osman concluded that all concerns regarding shift or out-of-hours working are treated in a serious manner and investigated fully.

HSE said is also carrying out a three-year study of illnesses linked to shift work.

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