Don't mix work with the bedroomEmployers and HR staff have a duty to ensure their staff are not taking their work home with them, according to one commentator.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health charity Mind, has claimed businesses need to offer in-house support networks and assistance programmes to help people “keep on top of the pressure”.

His comments come after a new study has revealed more and more stressed employees are taking work to bed.

A survey carried out by CREDANT Technologies found that worries during the economic downturn mean a quarter of people use a laptop in the bedroom, with 57 per cent doing so for between two and six hours a week.

Meanwhile, a study by Harris Interactive also found a third of Brits have trouble sleeping at least once a week because they cannot switch their mind off from stresses.

In order to combat this growing pressure, organisations need to “keep their staff well informed, reassure them and keep morale up as far as possible”, according to Mr Farmer.