With temperatures predicted to soar again this week, what can those are working in an office or from home with no air-con do to stay cool and most importantly healthy in these tropical temperatures?

Workspace innovation and business experts Easy Offices give us their top tips to stay cool and safe in this week’s heatwave!

Top-ten tips:

  1. Make sure you are wearing breathable and loose clothing. Think linen or cotton shirts, loose fitting maxi dresses and skirts, slouchy trousers and nothing to tight on the skin.
  2. Place ice or cold water in front of your desk fan- for a DIY air conditioning effect!
  3. Move work stations away from direct sunlight, or if this is impossible to do make use of reflective window film that can be ordered online.
  4. Rub an ice cold wet rag or water bottle onto your wrists and the elbow bend of your arms- these areas of the body have the most exposed veins, and when the cold water touches them it will cool your blood which will help to lower your body temperature instantly!
  5. Ventilation is key! Make sure those windows are open and you are getting fresh air.
  6. Close the doors of unused rooms, so the heat from them cannot travel to you.
  7. Take a cold shower on your lunch break if working from home- getting your hair wet will additionally keep you cooler longer.
  8. Stay hydrated with at least 2 litres of water, and if its possible, stay away from caffeine as it is a diuretic which can dehydrate you quickly!
  9. Buy a portable neck fan- which can be purchased on Amazon with next day delivery!
  10. Most importantly- let your manager or colleagues know if you are struggling in the heat and are unable to work, as health comes before anything!