Francesca Martinez

Francesca first appeared with Evenbreak at their recent successful conference “Employing disabled people-the bottom line” in March 2014.  In her thought provoking performance she questioned the notion of “normal” and encouraged employers to actively attract and recruit people who are different and have disabilities. Today Evenbreak are proud to announce they have strengthened their alliance and Francesca has agreed to become a Patron of the award-winning disability employment social enterprise.

Francesca is an award-winning comedian, actress and writer. She has toured internationally with sell-out runs around the world including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. She has also performed in Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and America.

A regular face on TV, Francesca is well-known for starring in five series of BBC’s ‘Grange Hill’ and in ‘Extras’ opposite Ricky Gervais and Kate Winslet. Currently, Francesca is in the middle of a 55-date UK/Ireland tour of her award-winning show, ‘WHAT THE **** IS NORMAL?!’

Francesca talks and writes passionately and humorously about personal experiences of living with disability (she has cerebral palsy but thinks “wobbly” is a lot cooler!) and about political affairs.  Unafraid to tackle injustices head on in politics and in the media, she is passionate about disabled people having the same opportunities as others and this union with Evenbreak is set to further boost what is already a rapidly expanding awareness of a largely untapped employment talent pool.

Francesca said “I am thrilled to be a patron of Evenbreak. They are playing a vital role in helping pair employers with disabled talent. It’s so important to show employers the huge benefits and skills that exist within the disabled workforce. Everyone has things they can’t do and Evenbreak are helping to change the culture around disability so that people are judged on their talents and abilities rather than their impairments”

Jane Hatton, Founder/director of Evenbreak said “I am delighted that Francesca has agreed to be Patron of Evenbreak as there is no better ambassador to portray disabilities as assets and not barriers to success and living a full and rewarding life”.

About Evenbreak:

Evenbreak is run by disabled people, for disabled people. It was founded and is run by a disabled businesswoman. Evenbreak have won many awards, most recently the best newcomer in the OnRec awards 2014, a mainstream recruitment industry award. The Founder was a finalist in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award 2008, and has personal experience of employing many disabled people and the value they bring to a business. As a disabled person herself (a degenerative spinal condition that restricts her ability to sit or walk, meaning she runs Evenbreak lying down with a laptop suspended above her) Jane knows how important staying in work is – not just for the income, but also for the self-esteem, dignity, feeling of being useful and having a purpose it brings. As a social enterprise Evenbreak is keen to promote a positive image of disabled people in employment.