HR gurus from across the region are once again gearing up for a day of insightful knowledge-transfer, as the Yorkshire HR (YHR) Network prepares for its second face-to-face event.

Directors, managers and executives alike met at The Mint Hotel in Leeds on Wednesday, to discuss pertinent developments within the profession. With a specific focus upon HR tackling drugs in the workplace, the event will provide an unparalleled knowledge sharing platform and targeted networking opportunity, specifically for Yorkshire’s Human Resources experts.

Until October 2010, the YHR Network existed only as a virtual concept. Unimpressed by the lack of knowledge-sharing groups within the Yorkshire HR industry, YHR founder Abbie Granger (director of specialist recruitment firm Harrington Norman) created a LinkedIn group through which people could post HR queries, offer ideas and provide relevant updates – legislative or otherwise.

Despite the growing popularity of the social media forum, Abbie did not neglect the importance of personal contact. The network’s first face-to-face event was therefore held last Autumn and as a result of this inaugural success, YHR members now meet on a quarterly basis so that the experts can share their valuable insight in person, via seminars and roundtable discussions.

Simon Kingsnorth of Optimal HR, who will delivered a presentation about modern day staff engagement, whilst Farha Leadbetter of Gordons LLP will update attendees as to the latest in employment legislation developments.

Explaining why it is so important for HR experts to connect, Abbie summarised: “In the current climate, the success and sustainability of our organisations depends upon the quality of staff we employ, the efficiency with which they work and their level of workplace engagement.

“HR therefore has an extremely strategic contribution to make in the modern business environment, so it is crucial that we come together and share best practice at every possible opportunity – virtual or otherwise.”

To secure tickets for this or any forthcoming YHR event, or for further detail about the LinkedIn group, please contact Abbie Granger on T: 07795 460290.