Speexx, a global provider of corporate online language training, has released the second part of its video guide series to help HR and L&D Managers tackle global workforce issues entitled ‘Navigating data protection regulations for a global workforce’.

This video guide looks at the impact of data protection in workforce development and the challenges faced by HR in managing this complex process. It also offers practical tips for dealing with workforce data and privacy issues.

Armin Hopp

The video guide series is presented by Armin Hopp, founder and president of Speexx

The EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC), which aims to protect individuals with regard to personal data, has come to be interpreted differently in just about every European country, and just as organisations have got to grips with this, they face a major update to the legislation, not least fines of up to 5 percent of turnover for data loss incidents.

The video clips are available to watch on the Speexx website. Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx, presents:

  • Part 1: Succession planning and talent mobility: http://bit.ly/1HQ6ZA1 
  • Part 2: Navigating data protection regulations for a global workforce:http://bit.ly/1MWgqR7
  • Part 3: How to drive corporate training with big learner data (coming soon).

“82 percent of Speexx customers ask about data protection policy and server location before even discussing learning content,” says Armin Hopp. “Yet many HR and L&D Managers are unaware that the location of the data controller is just as important as the server location. There is a real danger that organisations will conclude that the only safe approach is to govern their data on their own servers – taking a step back into the past and failing to reap the benefits of cloud-based SaaS. The good news is that Speexx is helping a number of international businesses with these issues and our advisers can guide organisations through the complexities step by step.”