Partnership with BranchOut, the professional network on Facebook, signals increased scope for recruiters announced today that it will be partnering with BranchOut, the largest professional network on Facebook. The link up will see recruitment adverts placed on also displayed exclusively on BranchOut, opening up recruiters’ adverts to a larger jobseeker audience.

With already millions of unique visitors per month in 60 countries, BranchOut helps users find jobs, recruit talent, and strengthen relationships with professional contacts. The partnership with – the first of its kind in the UK – will also allow BranchOut members to share interesting job posts with friends and communicate directly with employers alongside building up a network of professional contacts through their Facebook friends.

John Salt, website director at says of the partnership:
“We pride ourselves on giving the best advice to jobseekers, and harnessing the power of social networks is just one way to make yourself stand out in a crowded market. We’ve partnered with BranchOut in order to help jobseekers match themselves to recruiters, meaning our clients get candidates who are engaged and ready to work for them.

“Unlike other online professional networks, BranchOut isn’t focused on just white collar executives, and can draw on the incredible breadth of Facebook users. As a result, this partnership will enable us to potentially reach 90% of the UK on behalf of recruiters – allowing them to access more talent, with greater ease.

“This partnership will work in a complimentary way to our website, which already attracts over 5 million jobseekers per month, linking the network to the thousands of job ads we have online.”

BranchOut will be fully integrated into, with jobseekers’ BranchOut connections appearing alongside job adverts on the website. Jobseekers can then simply click through to each company’s BranchOut profile and find connections to the company through their Facebook friends.

“BranchOut is not only a great tool for jobseekers, but also for recruiters,” said Rick Marini, founder and CEO of BranchOut. “We make it possible for them to leverage Facebook connections to find the right candidates for their job openings. Our partnership with will further open up the largest social network in the world for recruiters and help with talent acquisition.”

John Salt of continues:
“With personal links and referrals being a major form of job hunting, partnering with a professional network has clear advantages for jobseekers who use our site. But, it also has distinct benefits to recruiters. The social network allows recruiters to take advantage of referrals, helping take some of the risk out of bringing on new staff. What’s more, getting to know an applicant directly online and allowing them to get to know you before the interview stage means they turn up better prepared.”