As part of their commitment to exemplary customer service, Thomson and First Choice have remodelled the way that they deal with overseas customer complaints, empowering the companies’ representatives to quickly rectify the majority of customers’ problems during their holiday.

The rationale behind the move is to recover service failures quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for customers to pursue issues with Customer Services on their return to the UK. Reps are trained in accordance with guidelines, but are also encouraged to use their own discretion and initiative to ensure that the merits of each case and the ‘exceptions to the rule’ can also be considered.

The new policy of reps being allowed to address and solve most issues is supported by an advice telephone service specifically for them, offering support to resolve customer matters.

In addition to this, every member of Thomson and First Choice’s overseas staff is being provided with a three-day training programme to motivate and inspire them in first class customer service. All overseas staff are trained to understand the needs of the customer and to keep their requirements central to everything they do.

Ian Chapman, Head of Overseas for Thomson and First Choice comments, ‘Holidays are so important, never more so than in the current economic climate. We understand that our customers may get upset if their experience does not meet with their expectations, so unforeseen problems need to be dealt with promptly, respectfully and by treating our customers as individuals. Great customer service can only be achieved when staff members are empowered to resolve customer issues quickly, efficiently and fairly.’