A new 360° feedback tool to help individuals identify their leadership strengths and development needs has been launched by the NHS Leadership Academy, and supports the Leadership Framework introduced by the Secretary of State for Health in June.

Developed by talent and career management expert Right Management on behalf of the NHS Leadership Academy[1] , the 360° tool is based on the NHS Leadership Framework, which is a single overarching framework for the leadership development of all staff in health and care, irrespective of discipline, role or function. The 360° process allows individuals to gather feedback from groups including line managers, peers and direct reports, and that feedback gives the individual an insight into how their leadership behaviour is perceived by others.

Sue Mortlock, who has led on the development of the 360° tool on behalf of the NHS Leadership Academy, explains that “Our original 360° tool for NHS leaders, which we launched in 2002 was very successful, and nearly 18,000 individuals used it to support their personal development. We have taken our learning from that work and incorporated it into the new tool. The leadership framework has been developed as a result of an extensive consultation with stakeholders. The LF 360 has also roadtested with a diverse range of staff from the service and aligns with the Leadership Framework.”

Pippa Cronk of Right Management says: “Leadership talent is one of the most important assets of an organisation, and with the NHS facing unprecedented challenges, it’s never been more critical to develop effective leaders. This tool provides a practical way of assessing an individual’s leadership behaviours. There is widespread recognition of the link between leadership capability and sustained high performance. We envisage that the NHS 360° feedback tool will not only help organisations build leadership capability but also foster improved communications and a more open feedback culture.

“Engaging leaders and potential leaders through their personal development is a great way to keep hold of top talent. The 360° tool helps individuals understand the impact of their behaviour on others, as well as allowing them to take ownership and control of their own development.”

With the 360° feedback tool being primarily aimed at middle managers and above, the NHS Leadership Academy has also developed a free Leadership Framework self-assessment tool which is recommended for those in more junior roles.