NES Global Talent, the leading global manpower specialist, is offering a new Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management scheme to help fill the skills gap.

Lee Knowles, Regional Director UK at NES Global Talent, said:

“Over recent years there has been increasing concern surrounding the ageing workforce profile in engineering and technical sectors and the impending skills gap. The Higher Apprenticeship scheme has been developed – as part of the Government’s policy to address youth unemployment and ‘upskill’ the workforce – to enable companies to recruit staff at entry level, and through a combination of formal and on-the-job training, arm them with the skills required to become valuable members of staff.”

NES Global Talent’s specialist training division, AIM Academy, together with partners PDS Group, an apprenticeship consultancy, helped the Association for Project Management develop the scheme and have been appointed to deliver it to companies across the country.

Lasting approximately two years, the scheme can be delivered at one of the company’s training centres or on-site, depending on requirements.

Emma Whittle, Business Manager at AIM Academy, said:

“One of the reasons that we think it’s a great opportunity is it really lends itself to our clientele in the engineering, technical, manufacturing and utility sectors. An ageing skilled workforce, combined with the fact that a lot of talent was forced in to overseas markets as a result of the recession and hasn’t returned, means that many clients are asking us to come up with clever, innovative methods of attracting new talent and bridging a serious skills gap.

“Many young people are thinking twice about going to university following the hike in tuition fees. This is an attractive alternative and means you can earn whilst you continue to learn, as well as gaining a professional qualification. We believe this Higher Apprenticeship scheme will go a long way in developing a new generation of skilled professionals.”

David Willett, Director at the PDS Group, said:

“I am delighted that the PDS Group, through this partnership, will be able to offer the very best in service and delivery to the marketplace for this exciting new apprenticeship. We believe we have a unique offering in being able to build bespoke programmes which will match employers’ business requirements and skills needs.”

Within NES Global Talent, AIM Academy has more than 30 years’ experience in project management training, with a track record in achieving exceptional pass rates that are typically 20 percent higher than industry averages. The PDS Group is a national independent apprenticeship consultancy, delivering award winning apprenticeship programmes to high-profile clients.