Legal & General have launched a new Integrated Healthcare Solution to further help employers protect the wellbeing of their staff. The solution is part of Legal & General’s Group Income Protection cover, Workplace Recovery, which has already helped to save businesses money as well as cut down employee absence days.

The Telegraph Group Ltd, who have been piloting the scheme, have seen the number of employee sickness absence days decrease from an average 5.3 in 2009, to 3.0 in 2011.

Legal & General’s radical new approach integrates their Workplace Recovery, with an employer’s other arrangements such as private medical cover, income insurance, existing occupational health practices, and the company doctor. Acting as the pivotal point for all employee health problems including stress, musculoskeletal and cancer related absences, it provides a coordinated, tailored and effective treatment package whilst preventing unnecessary duplications of healthcare and the associated extra costs.

The integrated healthcare solution can be tailored to meet the employers’ specific requirements, with Legal & General providing a coordinated service across all provisions in place. Where an employer does not have Occupational Health in place, Legal & General can utilise a provider of their choice to meet their requirements.

Currently the type of help and support an employee receives could depend on whether the health problem occurred at work, whether the individual is covered for private medical insurance or has group income protection. Additional services can include face to face counselling via an Employee Assistance Programme and occupational health. This solution prevents the inevitable delays and inefficiency caused by running a multitude of schemes, as well as reducing the obvious potential cost duplications.

Commenting on the Integrated Healthcare Solution, Diane Buckley of Legal & General said:

“The pilots for the Integrated Healthcare Solution have been very positive and we are pleased to be rolling it out. Looking after the wellbeing of employees should not have to be an overly complex and costly procedure. Our streamlined, clear and cost-effective package ensures that employees get the best possible care from day one, and that employers do not have to grapple with countless products and schemes. Plus all policyholders also benefit from a free Employee Assistance Programme so employees and managers have access to expert advice on a wide range of employment and personal concerns.”

Richard Morgan, Head of HR at the Telegraph commented:

“Our integrated approach to occupational health issues has enabled us to maximise support for our employees, ensuring they receive the highest quality of care. This is achieved by all our occupational health suppliers working in partnership. This approach has supported us in achieving reduced absenteeism and has also had a positive impact on claims on the private medical scheme.”