Learning a second language is not only fun but it could also help you to get ahead in your career according to the University of Sheffield.

Many international companies seek out people with language skills and learning a second language can provide you with the skills to adapt to different business environments and operate with greater cultural agility and insight.

Learning a second language can also lead to improved communication skills in an employee’s first language according to ULearn School.

Languages also open up pathways into careers like Translation, Interpreter, Linguistics and Language teaching. Languages can also be valuable to areas such as, Law, Banking, Government sectors and Travel. They may also increase job security if you are one of the few people in your workplace to speak a second language and it may be the key to higher earnings if it is a language that is in demand.

Some of the key assets for employers hiring staff with another language include the ability to communicate with different demographics, client retention and being able to enter new markets and communicate within the market language.

See the infographic below for more benefits with learning a second language:

Ulearn infographic





Amie Filcher is an editorial assistant at HRreview.