agressologoAgresso launches Salary Review software to help organisations manage staff in a recession

  • Online tool to track performance, salary, appraisals
  • Maximise staff retention while keeping costs down
  • Build skills and prepare for recovery
  • Launching at HR Software Show at London’s Olympia

Agresso, the ERP specialist, will be launching its Salary Review software solution at The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s HR Software Show being held at London’s Olympia on 17th and 18th June 2009.

Agresso Salary Review provides an organisation with an automated tool to manage the entire salary review process, minimising manual input and maximising efficiency. It enhances Agresso’s HR and Payroll suite of solutions and will help organisations to keep staff motivated thereby maximising staff retention while also minimising costs and preparing for economic recovery.

The salary review process is a critical part of an organisation’s HR activity but in today’s economic downturn many organisations have implemented a salary freeze to maintain and stabilise costs. This is a natural reaction, but forward thinking companies are looking for solutions that enable them to review and manage their salary budgets, whilst rewarding staff in order to motivate and maintain morale, ensuring that talent stays in the business.

Tess Summers, HR and Payroll Consultant for Agresso, commented: “Irrespective of the economic climate, salary review processes can be a nightmare if they are not managed properly. If the process is timely and fair and rewards good employees appropriately then productivity and morale will remain high. But if it is late, unfair and inefficient or pay awards are too low then good employees may leave, or industrial action may result.”

Agresso’s Salary Review module provides an ideal solution for companies wanting to make their process more efficient – from both a cost and staff retention perspective. It is specifically designed to help an organisation carry out a number of important tasks including:

  • Helping employers ensure that salary increases are fair, and prove compliance to anti-discrimination legislation
  • Aligning salary increases with employer’s performance targets, taking into account historical performance, salary history and appraisals
  • Measuring performance against industry benchmarks, aiding staff retention and competitiveness
  • Managing any negotiation processes
  • Informing employees of the final agreement and updating payroll
  • Providing visibility of the whole process at all levels of an organisation.

In addition Salary Review comes with a set of standard reports and the user interface can be tailored to suit both individual and the business information needs. Management at all levels therefore have easy access to relevant and accurate information which aids the analysis, review and approvals processes as well as improving transparency.

The Salary Review module is fully integrated with the wider Agresso Business World family of products and acts as a link for the different administrative areas covered by payroll and HR management.

Tess Summers concluded: “It takes advantage of our powerful VITA architecture. This means that important information held within HR can be used as part of the salary review process, so as needs change year on year, an HR manager can simply and easily adjust the information available to line managers without the need for any costly bespoke work or consultancy from us. All in all Salary Review is an agile solution that will help businesses save money through improving processes, staff retention and productivity levels and through its ability to adapt to change quickly, easily and cost effectively.”

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