UK job hunters believe having a driving licence makes them more employable, according to a survey from the UK’s leading independent job board CV-Library.

The survey, from 2,100 of the job site’s active job hunters, looked at how the UK’s workforce perceives driving licences and the role they have in finding and maintaining a job. It reveals that workers’ see a huge value in having a licence for work, but are unaware of what employers can do with driving records.

The results of the survey also found that 73 percent of UK professionals believe that employees should obtain a driving licence for work purposes. 76.8 percent believe having a driving licence makes them more employable regardless of whether the role involves driving or not.

It seems employers are concerned whether an employee can drive or not as the majority (70.6%) of job hunters admit to being asked whether they can drive by an employer. Despite employer interest in candidate driving behaviour, only 5.3 percent of job hunters cite having their job affected by incidents on their driving record.

Proving that a driving record cab impact more than just points on a licence, job hunters clearly understand the value in holding a valid driving licence when looking for work. Interestingly more than half (55.2%) of workers are unaware that employers can now request access to their complete digital driving record.

Lee Biggins, managing director of CV-Library, says:

“While a candidate’s CV is the first place to identify suitability for the role, employers are increasingly looking beyond that to learn more about candidates as people.

“It’s critical that candidates consider every facet of their professional persona  beyond  work experience and skills, as employers could consider everything –  from appearance at work to driving records – when forming their opinions of employees.”