payslip200New solution eliminates payslip printing and distribution with instant digital delivery, integrates with IRIS family of payroll solutions and includes free mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices

IRIS Software Group, a market leader in accountancy & payroll solutions, launches IRIS OpenPayslips, a unique cloud-based service allowing anyone running IRIS payroll software to deliver payslips directly to their employees through a web browser or smartphone.

IRIS OpenPayslips is a paperless solution, eliminating all payslip printing and distribution costs, which in turn reduces a company’s carbon footprint. Once employers or payroll bureaus have completed payroll, payslips are encrypted and published to a secure online portal for employees. The workforce then has the choice of viewing their current and historic payslips on their smartphone or tablet through the innovative IRIS OpenPayslips app, as well as through any web browser. The free app is available immediately from the Apple, Android and Windows app stores.

IRIS OpenPayslips is a cloud-based solution, so there is no additional software required and employees can access their payslips from any location, 24 hours a day.
Mark Paraskeva, CEO of IRIS (SME division), says: “Today the UK payroll software industry prints and distributes millions of paper payslips to communicate important pay information to employees every month.

Our customers constantly strive to decrease costs, save time and reduce their carbon footprint, but with the increase in remote working, sending out traditional payslips is no longer viable.

Help is at hand though and IRIS OpenPayslips reduces the time to distribute payslips to zero. The availability of the solution online as well as through downloadable apps makes it unique for the 50 per cent of the workforce that use smartphones, allowing employees to access their payslips anytime, from any location and using any mobile device.”

IRIS OpenPayslips fully complies with UK data protection guidelines, utilising the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. The solution uses a range of measures to guarantee security for both employer and employee: all files are encrypted in transit using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).