Immedia Group PLC, the provider of in-store music and communications solutions, has appointed leadership and corporate development specialist Brigitte Jaquillard as an adviser to lead the development of bringing interactive radio to large business workforces to drive staff engagement, change initiatives, create stronger cultures and increase productivity.


Brigitte has more than 20 years of experience increasing individual and team performance through communication. Hercompany ROLIn Ltd works with businesses across the world including Morgan Stanley, WWF and Airmiles.


Immedia has launched new technology to reach workforces at their desks, delivering entertainment and crucial information as well as enabling instant feedback.


Bruno Brookes, CEO of Immedia Group PLC, comments: “Brigitte’s expertise will allow us to better focus on businesses with large workforces and help them to create a platform for essential communications with their employees.


“Her appointment strengthens our position providing powerful radio stations across a number of fields.”


Brigitte Jaquillard comments: “I am excited about the huge potential of Immedia’s technology and content expertise and the impact this can have on workforces -itshould become an integral internal communications tool and a vital catalyst for staff motivation, engagement and overall productivity.


“Information flow is so crucial in today’s workplace and interactive radio is an always present channel for instant two-way messaging across large numbers of people, whether they are based remotely, in the same building or even across the world. This will definitely give the executive, communications, HR and training departments an extra string to their bow.”