Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, is pleased to announce that France-based Edenred, is strengthening its global recruitment with Lumesse Talent Acquisition.

Edenred creates and develops solutions to facilitate the lives of employees and improve organisational effectiveness. Nearly 35 million people use the cards and services offered by Edenred, including employee benefits, motivation and rewards.

Edenred, a public company since July 2010, employs 6,100 employees, about half of them in Europe. As a service-focused company established over 50 years, Edenred has always put people at the heart of its success. The integration of new skills, driven by the transition to paperless working, new product development, geographic expansion and innovation in customer-based research, is a key focus of the Group’s recruitment policy:

“We are always looking for the skills, both internally and externally, that will help us strengthen our relationships with our stakeholders, including businesses, affiliates, service beneficiaries or the government,” said Philippe Maurette, Director General of Human Resources at Edenred. “The acquisition of these skills depends in part on Lumesse Talent Acquisition, which will allow us to optimise our international recruitment process internally and externally.”

The new recruitment system is available in English and French on the Edenred website and available to employees of Edenred from its intranet. Spanish, Italian and Portuguese versions are also are underway to ensure optimal application monitoring and candidate targeting.

“The success of this project underlines our ability to serve globally diversified businesses with an effective international talent acquisition solution that sources great people from multiple recruitment channels,” said Lumesse CEO, Matthew Parker.

As part of this project, Lumesse has allowed Edenred to meet two main objectives:

• Improving the monitoring and analysis of recruitment – including identifying the most effective recruitment channels through indicators and dashboards, analysing the cost and time of different hiring methods, reducing recruiting time by automating low value-added tasks, and better managing the entire recruitment process from initial requirement through to candidate selection, management interviews and offers;
• Developing the Edenred employer brand through a ‘careers space’ adapted to different populations (students, graduates, experienced candidates, and seniors), strengthening its appeal and developing a competitive advantage in the market, and diversifying the means of sourcing and attracting candidates.