Citrix Systems has announced that its Citrix® GoToManageÃ’ app for iPad® is now available on the App Store.

The app is free to use and works with the award winning GoToManage Remote Support and GoToAssist Express services.

For the first time IT professionals have the freedom to securely troubleshoot and provide
on-demand technical support to a computer user from anywhere.

The availability of the number one remote support solution on the iPad means that IT professionals can finally workshift and be free to work from anywhere.

GoToManage for iPad is a simple, yet powerful solution for IT managers and consultants who want flexibility in when and where they work. GoToManage for iPad provides the ability to seamlessly conduct live end user support sessions over any network connection including; 3G, 4G and WiFi.

The app allows them to view and control a user’s PC or Mac® as if they were sitting in front of it. For businesses, the GoToManage app for iPad provides a simple, secure and reliable way to free IT from a physical location and empowers them to be more responsive when end users need technical assistance.

What Is New:

• The GoToManage app for iPad is free and available now.
• IT techs can provide unlimited, on-demand remote support using the GoToManage app for iPad, giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time.
• New GoToManage customers can set up a free GoToManage mobile account at and then download the free app from the App Store.
• Current GoToManage Remote Support and GoToAssist Express customers can download the app from the App Store and then use their existing account credentials to provide support.
• GoToManage app for iPad joins other Citrix products for the iPad including GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC and Citrix Receiver.

Why It Matters:

• Remote support is imperative for businesses that want to meet the 24/7 needs of their customers, telecommuters and geographically dispersed workforce.
• IT professionals are now enabled with an easy-to-use option for supporting people and machines from anywhere – freeing them to leave their desks and even the office.
• By helping IT consultants to securely manage and assist multiple clients, GoToManage for iPad can improve productivity, reduce travel and decrease the complexity of handling the unique IT needs of each client.