Edenred is launching a major refresh of its Online Total Reward Statements to its clients.

The launch of the next generation online TRS is aimed at making it even easier and more intuitive for employees to find information about their benefits and making the system clearer to understand by further improving the user journey.

The roll out of the new-look TRS platform follows the launch of Edenred’s next generation Flexible Benefits and Employee Savings solutions and brings complete consistency of the user journey throughout the sites. This new development represents a significant upgrade of the online Total Reward Statements platform and is yet another enhancement that has been made since the platform was launched in 2003.

Sam West Product Manager – Employee Benefits at Edenred said:

“Online Total Reward Statements are an important investment for employers in helping to communicate the value and breadth of the range of benefits that they offer to their employees.

Our job at Edenred is to ensure we make it as easy as possible for those employees to get the information they need in a way that makes sense to them.
This has been the thinking behind the design of the next generation online TRS platform which will help our clients improve the transparency and effectiveness of benefits communication through the important end of year period.”