Close Brothers Asset Management have today launched the ‘At Retirement’ version of its ‘Money Talks’ platform to match the growing demand from employers for extra support for their staff as the radical pensions reforms come into force on 6th April.

The merchant banking group’s intention with the online site is to help businesses educate their employees about retirement options as the new pensions freedoms take effect.

Jeanette Makings, head of financial education services at Close Brothers, said:

“It is vital that people who may have spent their entire career contributing towards their pension understand how to get the most out of these funds in order to secure a comfortable retirement. This is even more pertinent given the fact the pensions landscape has now shifted so dramatically, with a greater range of options bringing more complexity for consumers and employers. Money Talks is the first online service of its kind to help companies provide a comprehensive yet cost effective service for their employees, helping to bridge the retirement knowledge gap.”

As well as helping with the direct needs of those looking to navigate the new world of retirement, the Money Talks platform is also designed to support employers looking for new ways to support their staff in long-term financial planning, including will and estate planning.

Online education and support via Money Talks involves a bespoke financial education service for employers, including face to face guidance, seminars and financial advice.

Free demonstrations of the site are available upon request.





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