CareerClover and Acclaim have announced the launch of their badges recruitment system that allows jobseekers to broadcast their top workforce competencies to potential employers on social media.

Earning a badge requires jobseekers to first take the 16PF® Personality Questionnaire. The questionnaire from CareerClover is a career test that is designed to indicate a career path that is best suited to the user’s personality. Based on their results, they will be offered badges according to their skills.

Robert McHenry, founder of CareerClover and Executive Chairman of OPP Ltd (, said:

“Many top employers currently use the 16PF Personality Assessment as part of the recruitment process, after a candidate has been identified. With the introduction of badges, jobseekers can take the 16PF proactively and display their top attributes to employers, helping them identify a good fit from the very start.

“We are giving job seekers access to a valid and respected personality assessment to help them stand out. Our ultimate aim is to revolutionise the way employers search for talent and the way jobseekers identify the right jobs.”

Why Badges?

A badge is a standardized, digital verification of an individual’s skills and attributes. Badges have been labelled a top innovation trend to watch.  More and more, employers are looking for badges to verifying claims of expertise. CareerClover joins the ranks of NASA, Microsoft, Adobe and other market leaders who expect that badges will become the way of the future, providing verification that the person with the badge has actually demonstrated the skills or knowledge necessary to earn that qualification.

Job titles and descriptions can be confusing. Jobseekers can make an HR recruiter’s job easy by showing what they are capable of executing. The idea of the badge is that a recruiter can see what it took to earn the credential.





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