Surprising results as 55% of British jobseekers claim that the schooling system did not manage their expectations of the work environment.

Despite heavy government investment into the schooling system, more and more British people feel unprepared for the increasingly competitive job marketplace. Over ¾ of a million job hunters have registered as looking for work through online job board A survey (between 13th and the 20th May) reveals some fascinating results…

– Do you believe that your school or college managed your expectations of the working environment?

YES – (415) 45%
NO – (507) 55%

– Do you believe that your education taught you the correct skills for the working environment?

YES – (766) 60%
NO – (510) 40%

Mike Dauncey Managing Director of said:

“This shows the education system is still not working effectively. In the current job market British people are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment and it seems that the schooling system is still not supporting them. Heavy government funding and top level schemes are not enough; pupils need to be aware of the difficult challenge awaiting them when they leave school and train accordingly. Vocational courses give students a career goal and prospects instead of training for the generic office jobs that are hugely oversubscribed.”


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