What are the top ten most in demand jobs in the UK for employees?

The top ten list of the most sought after occupations by job-seekers in the UK has been compiled.

This list was put together by Glassdoor, an employee review and job recruitment site.

The roles that are most in demand are in the sectors of technology, administration and finance.

Additionally, it appears that conventional qualifications may not be enough to satisfy job-seekers. Glassdoor found in June 2019, job seekers were actively looking for roles where they can use specialist skills, with job searches for skills such as Java, Python, .net, SQL and Linux.

The job recruitment site feels this shows that workers are improving themselves by learning specialist skills outside of traditional education and hunting for jobs to match them.

The UK’s top 10 job roles in demand are as follows:

1. Data Scientist

Average base salary: £46,665

2. Project Manager

Average base salary: £41,808

3. Software Engineer

Average base salary: £41,100

4. Executive Assistant

Average base salary: £39,163

5. Business Analyst

Average base salary: £39,127

6. Accountant

Average base salary: £36,171

7. Software Developer

Average base salary: £35,247

8. Mechanical Engineer

Average base salary: £33,765

9. Data Analyst

Average base salary: £30,323

10. Graphic Designer

Average base salary: £25,543

Nine out of 10 of these jobs pay above the average national gross salary of £29,588.

Joe Wiggins, director at Glassdoor, said:

Unemployment is at a historic low and employers are having to fight extra hard to attract new talent. Our data reveals that jobs for people with experience and skills within technology, engineering and finance are hot right now.

Generous salaries are an expectation in these roles. However, in order to stand out to new talent, any business that has job openings for in-demand roles must look beyond the package they are offering and realise that their company culture can be make or break in terms of landing the right individual. A company’s culture and mission is much more likely to get new employees in the door – and subsequently to stick around – than high salaries and benefits.

This list was compiled using data from a sample of UK-based job seekers searching for jobs on Glassdoor in June 2019, identifying which keywords were searched for the most. More than one million keywords were analysed.





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