Businesses in the UK face disruption unless they start planning on how they will accommodate the London 2012 Olympic Games in the workplace
 Over two thirds (71%) of UK businesses have no plans at all when it comes to the Games according to new research by Adecco, the official recruitment services provider of the London 2012 Olympic Games.  This lack of planning is in danger of impacting business practices as employees are not only looking for guidance from HR on travel and flexible working but 50% also expect to get involved in fun, celebratory activities during the Games period.
The research revealed that 80% of workers are unaware of a travel or flexible working policy even though 16% are expecting their journey to work to be significantly disrupted.  Nearly one fifth (17%) said they believed something was being planned but it hadn’t been communicated yet meaning these businesses are missing out on generating early buzz and motivation amongst staff. The Olympic Games will happen whether businesses are ready or not, now’s the time to engage with employees and communicate plans to avoid creating additional problems during the Games.
It’s clear that many businesses are failing to see the positive engagement opportunity that the Games will provide. Further, the research found deep levels of underlying cynicism from many employees as to why their business isn’t engaging in the buzz around the London 2012 Games.  One fifth (21%) of those surveyed felt that their workplace was only interested in business targets and 17% that it would be too expensive.
Engaging the workforce around such an important event as the London 2012 Games has many benefits in addition to the obvious boost to team morale.  The Games provide an opportunity to motivate staff and increase feelings of loyalty amongst colleagues – which all ultimately contribute to improving productivity during a time when some businesses are struggling.
Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director, Adecco said: “Burying your head in the sand is a very dangerous strategy.  Businesses need to step up, take the lead and get people involved in order to reap the benefits. Tough times have meant that many organisations have struggled to engage and motivate their staff, but here’s the ideal opportunity to turn it around.  It doesn’t have to be an all consuming, or costly event; a simple activity like decorating the office, or watching the games live online will make a big difference.”
Adecco will be monitoring the workplace buzz around the London 2012 Olympic Games over the coming weeks with current buzz levels standing at 4.1.  Now is the time for businesses to start making some concrete plans so they can take advantage of this unique opportunity and create some really positive buzz in the workplace.